Wednesday, June 27, 2007




I believe that crochet is one of the biggest trends of the season. I love the bohemian look of it. It adds so much detail and it can be designed in so many ways. The knit has been updated from the 'grandma' look. You can find crochet trim on shirts and dresses, jackets, and skirts. I've even seen some really pretty crocheted swimsuit cover-ups. The crochet look for the season is summery and feminine.
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Melissa Odabash


Forever 21

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Mandy Moore

Hey Ladies!

This season, the vintage look is really popular. I know a few people who wear a lot of actual vintage clothing, and they make it look so cute and easy. The trend was kind of underground because a lot of people don't care to wear it. I don't wear vintage clothing. In my opinion, it's time consuming and hard to find cute things. I think I need a lesson in vintage shopping! There aren't a lot of shops that sell vintage clothing in my area, so that makes it even harder. Vintage styles are so popular this season, that stores have vintage- inspired looks for us to sport now. It's makes my shopping a little more easier. I love the stripes on Cristina and the full sleeves on Mandy.

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Frye Ada

Christina Aguilera

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Let Me Make This Clear

Hola Chicas!

This clear accessories trend is so 90's and I love it! I remember having a clear backpack purse and clear jelly sandals. You can find these clear accessories in bangles, shoes, bags, earrings, belts, rings, and everyother kind of fashion accessory.
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Product of the Week

The product of the week is Neutrogena Clear Pore Astringent. I've been using this product for about a month now, and it seems to be working fine. It hasn't helped with oil-control, but my face feels cleaner throughout the day. It dried out my face like crazy when I first started using it, but I don't have that problem anymore. I'm still trying to find a cleanser that will clear acne and dark spots. Any suggestions?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fedora Hat

Penelope Cruz


Because I am not a hat person, I totally don't understand the fedora hat thing. They look like man hats to me. Maybe, a white fedora hat for the summer will look ok, but the twill, black, or even the straw fedora's I don't like. What do you think?
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Cameron Diaz

Britney Spears

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Ralph Lauren Polo

Hey All!

I'm back, and my computer's all fixed up and happy now! To the trends...

Cargo pants have been around for years. If you've never owned a pair, this is the year to buy them. Don't go out a buy a million pairs in all colors. Just a few good pairs of cargo's will do. Cargo pants are a big trend this year because you can dress them up or down with heels or tennis shoes. I think everyone should have cargo's in camouflauge, khaki, and a bright color like red or white.
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Kelly Rowland

Christina Aguilera

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'll Be Back Soon...


I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I'm having some computer trouble that will hopefully be fixed by Friday. I'm very sorry, and I'll be seeing you very soon. Adios Chicas!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Hey All!

For the ADD in me that I've developed working in retail(lol) one of my favorite blogs to read is Fashiontribes. This blog is set up to have you reading for hours. I discovered it last year because it was on everyone's list of favorite blogs so I had to check it out. Immediately, I found out information about new designers, products, events around the country, technology, food, home decor, and just about everything that is of interest to me. This is the blog to check out.

Must read categories are Ask The Cheif- Fashion Do's & Don'ts, Beauty, Books and Literature, Fashion 411, Fashiontribes Daily Podcast, food, plus so much more. A lot of the events featured are in New York or California, both states that I live far away from right now, but this blog sure makes me want to live in either of the two. Fashiontribes is the blog to read for all of your lifestyle, foodie, travel, skincare, and fashion trend interests.
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Product of the Week:

The Product of the Week is L' Oreal Studio Line Hot Straight Straightening Cream. That's a mouth full! I use the one in the pink bottle, but L' Oreal changed their formula and bottle. It's now Studio Heat Seeker Straightening Cream. I love the original formula, but I also can't wait to try the new one. I bought the 'pink bottle' when it was on sale. I guess they're making room for the 'Heat Seeker'.

I made the big hair mistake of not using heat protecting products on my hair for years and I'm paying for it now. That's what helped me to try L' Oreal's Studio Line. And I remember Beyonce being in the commercial, not that I think she uses the product, but I thought I'd try it out. The 'pink bottle' has made my hair smooth and reduced breakage. It feels more moisturized too! If the new Heat Seeker works as well or better than 'Hot Straight', I recommend this product.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Que Tal Chicas!

Magazines are relevant. I don't know a lot of people who still read them on a regular basis. With the internet, we can get news as fast as it happens. Printed magazines that come out on a monthly or weekly basis can't give us the up to the minute info that our society needs now. I like to get my news fast, but I like magazines as well, because they go into detail and explanations. Photographs are art and the writing is talented. Even the advertisements are art as well. While I wait on my monthly magazines I am on the internet reading one of my favorite fashion news sources, FashionInc.

It's a little online magazine where I can read on anything from
fashion tips, fragrances, hair, make- up, baby, and wedding advise. There's great photos and fun opinions. The giveaways, polls, and gift ideas are always great! Must read articles are The Perfect Jeans for your Body Type, Bring The Spa Home, and Hot Summer Hairstyles 2007. Of couse, my favorite are the Trend Alert features. The most recent reported trend alert by FashionInc is the Drawstring Dress. Make sure you check it out and suscribe to get the latest updates in your email.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

White Rimmed Sunglasses

Hey Ladies!

Warm weather is all about looking cool in white. White sandals, white dresses, and white-rimmed sunglasses. I like the clean, fresh look of wearing white in the spring/summer, but I'm not a big fan of White- rimmed sunglasses. They're just not flattering on me. Maybe it's the shiny, white plastic next to my brown skin, or maybe I haven't found the right shape. I actually think that white plastic accessories of any kind looks cheap, even if it's by a high end designer. If you're looking to stand out though, wearing white- rimmed sunglasses will give you and your glasses the attention you are looking for. White sunglasses aren't for me, but they are a lively accessory to any ensemble.

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Nicole Richie

Isaac Mizrahi

Gwen Stefani