Friday, July 28, 2006

Floppy Hats


A big trend this season was floppy hats at the beach. Some of you know I'm not a hat wearing type of person, but they're sort of cute and it's safe. These big hats protect your face and hair from UV rays and gives your sunscreen some extra help. Floppy beach hats are casual and fit any type of swimsuit. See ya'll soon!

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* I am in the process of moving to another state and will not be accessing the site for some time. Check back with me in about a week. Sorry for any inconvenience, but you can stay in fashion with some of the previous articles and click on some of the fashion sites on the side of this site.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Peter Pan Collar

Hey Everyone!

Sometimes certain fashion trends of the season confuse me. The Peter Pan Collar is a strange thing to me. It reminds me of school uniforms and little girls' clothes, which are not usually fashionable. According to 'The American Heritage Dictionary,' the definition of a Peter Pan collar is: A small, close-fitting, usually flat collar with rounded ends meeting in front. That just sounds weird. Anyways, there's an extremely wrong way to wear this trend and a very correct stylish way to wear the Peter Pan Collar. The black dress above is a wrong way and I'm unsure about the pink blouse.

This Nanette Lepore jacket is cute though, and I like the shape and placement of the pockets. They sort of match the collar. Well, that's all I got to say for today. I'm out.

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Monday, July 24, 2006



I like those shirts that can be worn as a dress. NOT THE SHIRTDRESS! I'm talking more like the baby doll/empire waisted type of dress. Not you man's Oxford work shirt with a belt tied around the waist. These shirts are very short to be worn as dress, but perfect to wear over pants. For those of you who wear the ugliest trend of the year, leggings, the style experts say it's a good idea to wear your hideous leggings under your pretty dress. I know that was harsh, but most of you know by now that I hate leggings. Moving on, the dress/ shirt trend is a cute one that will probably be in and out through the years.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stacked Platform Heels


I'm here talking about 2006's summer trends. So many of these summer trends have a glamorous tone to them. Romantic tops, tier dresses, empire waists, and now platform heels. I especially like the wooden and super trendy cork platforms. The wooden heels are stacked with layers of wood.

I've always liked the chunky heel. There's more detail and I think they're easier to wear. But anyways, the stacked heel has been one of the most popular styles this season. The Bruges shoe by Christian Louboutin has been worn by almost every woman celebrity this summer. This is a very cute trend, but this shoe style always goes back to the classic pump.
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Charm Jewelry


Charm jewelry is so cool because each one can be unique. Charms come in different styles and sizes and they are three- dimentional. Charms can represent different occasions, feelings, values, etc. Charms express individualism and I think it's one of the best trends of the season.

I wanted a charm bracelet when I was little and they don't really go out of style. These are my favorite 'charm' looks.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


¡Como Estan Todos!

Can someone explain to me what the half glove thing is about? I've noticed celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and even Beyonce wearing this weird hand piece. Is it some sort of statement look? Is it another 80's look? Are they thinking about playing golf? I don't get it. I would think that it would be so annoying to wear. I don't know what else to say about this matter. Let me know what's up with this trend People!
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Open- Toe Slingbacks


It is crazy hot down here in Atlanta, so I'm looking fo airy trends. Dressy flip flops, cute one piece swimsuits, and wedges have been doing it for me, but I'm looking for more. I've been spotting really nice open toe slingbacks. They're still nice for work and show off your pedicure. An open- toe slingback can be worn with a kitten heel, skinny heel, or stiletto to create different looks for different environments. I think a lot of them look old fashioned, but these modernized looks fit well with me.
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Flip Flops With Depth

¿Qué Pasa?

There are so many cute thong flats out there. I know some of them are 'gladiatorish', but they match perfectly with all the cute trendy clothes of the season. Metallics are still a hot trend and it is dominating thong sandals.

Women's Rhinestone T-Strap Thong Sandals
Glimmering, shimmering rhinestones glam up the T-strap, with a lustrous metallic upper and foot bed. Smooth soles.
100% synthetic materials. Imported.


I like the simplicity of these sandals. A few straps, some rhinestones, and buckles make them so easy to wear with almost everything. I call them the 'dressy flip flop'.

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Mossimo® Portia Gladiator Sandals - Silver
• Slim, sexy straps get fresh for spring and summer in these thong-style flats
• Leather upper
• Tiny buckle fastens at the ankle; graceful open weave looks spectacular with flowing skirts
• Rubber sole
• 1" stacked-look heel

Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Florals are a big trend this season. It was a popular spring trend also. This is a nice feminine trend that I believe will last awhile. I also would put florals in the Bold Print category because of the large and colorful print.

Go for floral prints in cuts that flatter your body. DON'T go for the muu muu type of fit. And keep large floral prints to one peice. Just a floral print dress, tote, jacket, or skirt. Floral prints are a statement look so I would pair them with basic pieces.
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Friday, July 07, 2006

Borrowed From My Boyfriend


I know I'm late with this one because I didn't really want to talk about it. The Shirtdress. Even though the shirtdress comes in different variations, most of them are hideous. This is worse than leggings! When and where are we suppose to wear this shirtdress? I can't think of any occasion that I would. I don't think the 'borrowed from my boyfriend' look is a good one. It's not flattering and it's sloppy. Ugh!

But... If you do like this look, try one like these. They are more feminine and dressed up with a belt around the waist to show a figure. Well, estoy saliendo.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wide Legs

Hey Everybody!

Though, I don't believe that this is a lasting trend, I'm glad that super wide leg pants are in. It's part of the nautical look along with stripes. I predict that wide pants will override the skinny jeans in popularity because wide pants are more flattering. They create a long silhouette. I also think they are a little formal and wouldn't wear them to hang out in.
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Lisa Curran Swimsuits

¿Qué Pasó?

These are my favorite swimsuits! Fom the cuts to the patterns, Lisa Curran creates suits that are perfect for us curvy women. Even if your not curvy, theres a suit that accentuates something. I'm loving the one- piece suit now and my favorite is the Gold Ring One Piece. Lisa Curran's suits have been featured in all types of magazines from the latest InStyle, to People, to Finess. Check out and you'll find trendy tunics, the hottest tankini's, and even cute maternity suits.!
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