Tuesday, October 31, 2006



I love the way sweater knits look. Soft, warm, and comfortable. I also know that looks can be deceiving. Usually, the cheap ones are scratchy and very uncomfortable. If I had it (money) my way, I would choose these sweaters by Juicy Couture.
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Neiman Marcus

Product of the Week:

The product feature of the week is Garnier Brilliantine Shine Wax. This is a good substitute when I can't afford Paul Mitchell's Wax Works. It's about four dollars. It's a little too shiny, but does the job by smoothing the edges.

Monday, October 30, 2006

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Black Velvet

Saks Fifth Avenue


Black velvet is a big trend this fall. Purple, burgandy, and other deep dark colors are popular too, but it's all about the black. I've always liked velvet and I'm happy that it has transferred from track suits to blazers, dresses, and shoes.

Velvet has alway been an evening material to me because it can be heavy and dark, but they say that you can be dressy in the daytime too.
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Friday, October 27, 2006


Young, Black, And Fabulous

Bold Prints are still here and even bolder than previous seasons. My favorite are the asian- inspired, leopard, and polka dot prints. This is such a cool trend because there are all types of patterns and people can choose what they like.

I don't like the 70's inspired prints though. Florals in ugly colors, abstact, and retro prints are not for me. Lately these prints are found in the most ill- flattering tops too. Thank goodness I haven't seen anyone wearing them because they might get a few words from me. Just kidding, but I would definitely wonder what made them purchase and wear such a thing.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Secretary looks



Hey All!

The secretary look is really in right now. I'm feeling i
t too, because I'm so sick of working in retail and I think it's time for an office job. I love the polka dot satin blouses, straight skirts, cropped blazers, and easy- to- wear jersey dresses. I can imagine myself at a desk (I'll even take a cubicle), making copies, getting coffee, sending faxes, and all. That may sound horrible to some, but right now, it sounds like bliss to me. Try doing tons of paper work on your feet all day or repeating yourself over and over telling sixteen year old girls to stop standing around and get to work.

I can see myself looking fabulous in a 'quiet' office with mature adults wearing chic heels and tailored clothes. I'm so sick of t- shirts, jeans, and flip flops. Someone, please save me from retail!
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Product of the Week:

The product of the week is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave- In Cream. I know it's a long name, but it is great. Last year, I was straightening my hair a whole lot and my hair became dry, over- processed, and I had breakage. I went straight to the drug store to find a solution and ended up buying the Neutrogena Leave- In Cream. It's really light and it instantly made my hair softer and the breakage stopped. It contains olive oil, meadowfoam seed, and sweet almond.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Boxy Jackets

Forget about the cardigan, it's all about the boxy jacket. Sounds so attractive right? It's supposed to be slimming and diguise curves. I haven't tried it out. I think they look cute on people that I've seen them on. These jackets are more feminine and cute with 3/4 in. sleeves, cropped, and/or embelishments.
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bracelet Sleeves


I've been wearing a lot of bracelets lately so I'm liking the bracelet sleeve trend. Some people may ask- What's the difference between 3/4 sleeve and bracelet sleeve? Well, 3/4 sleeve falls right above te elbow and bracelet sleeve falls right abouve the wrist. These stars aren't wearing bracelets, but they are wearing the trend. Anyways, I like them a whole lot to show off my bracelets.
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Friday, October 20, 2006

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Hey Everyone!

I hope you like the new look. It was starting to get a little ragedy. To the trends...

I can't believe that the fashion people have brought the grunge fashion back. I'm not mad about it though, I think there's some good and some bad about the style. Grunge was a lifestyle in the early 90's about being laid back, and not caring about how you looked. It was the complete opposite of preppie or well-put-together. It even went as far as not washing your hair or taking a shower. Disgusting.

Modern Grunge Fashion is the same plaid shirts, ripped jeans, and rocker t- shirts, but more fitted. It's not baggy and sloppy like in the 90's when that was really popular. I've always liked the laid back look and I would wear this style to an extent. I could never, never, never wear the lumberjack plaid shirts. That's were I would draw the line. But I would wear the zipped hoodies, big hoop earrings, and thermal shirts.
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No me gusta

Product of the Week:

You are missing out if you have not tried Pantene Pro V Ice Shine Shampoo. I used it all summer. I will be going back to it. I just like to alternate between good hair products. This shampoo gave me the shine I've been trying to get at home for a long time without going to the hair salon. I definitely recommend.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Volume Over Skinny



Sorry for the delay. Working full time is very hard. It is very draining, but anyways...

This look is not for me, but it is very interesting because you can do so much with it.
The volumous look is big on top, small on bottom. A tunic over skinny jeans, or a short dress over leggings would complete this style. I might even wear a bubble shirt over a pencil skirt.

The volume over skinny doesn't really flatter the waist, but you can switch it up by wearing large sleeved tops over small bottom pieces.
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Young, Black, and Fabulous

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pop This Bubble


I really thought that bubble skirts and dresses would not last long, but they are still popping up in fashion shows. Some designers have made the 'Bubble' cute and feminine and some have made it straight ugliness. The bubble look at the hem is nice, but I don't like it in the hips. To make the 'Bubble' look chic, wear with tights, and smooth and satiny pieces.
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Product of the Week:

Endless love is one of my favorite signature scents in Victoria's Secret Garden Collection. I first tried it in 2001 and since then, I've always had a bottle of the body splash and body lotion. Victoria's Secret always has a 3 for or 5 for sale too!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Urban Boho

I know that Bohemian fashion is supposed to be an expression of the artistic lifestyle. The Bohemian/ Hippie style is a cool inspiration for fashion because it's all about individual expression. I love the flowy skirts, cropped jackets, huge decorative belts, and hobo handbags. This is supposed to be a chic look not a homeless look, but some people are taking it too far. (Mary-Kate Olsen)
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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Girly Punk


I wouldn't consider 'Punk' a trend because there have always been female punk rockers and punk style, but Feminine Punk is on the list of Fall trends. With the 1980's and 90's inspiration being so huge in fashion, punk has made it's way through.

Clothes that would be in this 'Girly Punk' category are:

-Skull and Crossbones

-T-Shirts with famous rockers/ artsy images/ 60's icons
-Chunky rings

-Leather jackets
-Chain Jewelry
-Plaid School Girl Look



Friday, October 06, 2006

Chunky Sweaters

¿QuĂ© Pasa?

I see the chunky sweater trend in a lot of stores right now. People aren't wearing them where I am yet because we were just sweating in the 90 degree weather two days ago, but I'm sure I'll be seeing them soon on the people. I'm not talking about the huge colorful ugly christmas type sweaters. I'm talking about a more sophisticated, dandy look. I like chunky sweaters because they are flattering to women with curves, they stand out, and they are so comfortable. They look warm and stylish.
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BCBG Oversized Chunky Sweater

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Quilted Leather Bags


I love the quilted look of these handbags. The first bag (top) is the Quilted Patent Leather Bowler by Marc Jacobs in Chalk White. I don't know if I could ever pay a thousand bucks for a bag even if I had it.Burberry Quilted Bag
But this one. Oh my goodness. I just might be able to get myself to pay for this one. It costs even more than the Marc bag, I love the black.
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Product of the week:

For many years, I've tested lots of hair products. My hair needs lots of hydration to obtain some shine, body and smoothness. I started using Olive Oil Sheen Spray about a year and a half ago. Since then, my hair has been more full and hydrated with out the disgusting build up. It's only around five dollars and lasts for months. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fall Hat Trends


Fall hats are warm and cozy looking this season. Hats don't really look good on me, but I'm tempted to at least try some on. Newsboy hats, berets, and soft knits look simple warm and cute. I really like the green Juicy Couture knit and Rachel Bilson's hat. Peace.
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