Sunday, September 24, 2006



I know that I be won't wearing the Houndstooth pattern trend.
Houndstooth is the broken or abstract four-pointed shapes print that I remeber so well from the early 90's.( It's usually black and white or you can wear it even more ugly in colors. This is part of the menswear trend for women along with vests and pinstripes, which I like. If you do want to go along with this trend and wear this print as well, please don't wear it head to toe. These fashion times are about picking signature pieces, not matchy matchy.
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¿Comó Están?

I didn't understand the Kimono trend when it was forecast a few months ago. It was too out-there for me and too traditional-looking. I didn't see any kimono-style pieces in the stores so I thought it would never be introduced to the masses and fade away.

Now I see Asian-inspired tops and dresses all the ti
me and I love them. I love the tightly wrapped satiny sashes and floral prints. I would definately wear them with jeans or other pants. They stand out so lovely. Check out the one on top by Betsey Johnson.
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Polka Dots


Polka Dots were creeping around during the summer in a few items and now they're everywhere. This polka dot trend is different from other polka dot fashions in the past. I remember polka dots being a very childish and almost silly look, but this season,
polka dots have a sophistication to them. They're still fun, but you can wear them in a serious way too. I also like that they can be worn in shoes, or in layered looks. Peace.
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Product of the Week:
I've been using Paul Mitchell Wax Works since late 2004 and I will never live without it. This product is perfect to use everyday, but it's a life saver for that time when it's close for a relaxer touch up and when the ends aren't looking so smooth. A hair stylist named Caroline at Martha's Hair-Skin & Nails Boutique in Milwaukee, WI, first used it in my hair and I've bought some about every six months since then. This product is not like gel that gets hard and crusty and has to be washed out. I can style my hair a certain way one day and the next
day, comb it in a different way and smooth it down. It's so flexible, but it's been getting harder to find recently. Let me know what you think about Wax Works.

Gray Skinny Jeans


I have seen some really good looking skinny jeans on people for the summer. I still believe that they would never work for me, but they look good on the women that can pull it off. Unfortunately, the skinny jean has evolved for the Fall to ugly gray. Im scared that colored denim will come back. Ten years ago, I probably had jeans in every color. So tacky.

Celebrities love this gray skinny jean though. It's very Parisian, I think, but dreary. Oh well, I don't like. Tell me what ya'll think.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Repeat Trend- Metallics


Metallics is a repeat trend for this Fall. It's been a reoccuring trend for a few seasons. Metallic gold is good for Fall because it matches with the changing colors of nature. With metallics, you'll stand out much more too. Silver and bronze are included in this category as well. The rules still apply from the last few season's. Pick a signature metallic piece, like a handbag, shoes, jewelry, or some metallic in your top or bottom piece. See ya!

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Anne Klein New York Sleeveless Cardigan

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Peeling off the Layers

Fall is always about the layers. It may be freezing in the morning and then high 80's in the afternoon and cool evenings. I wouldn't call layering for Fall a trend, but every year they say it is. I like to show off my layers and it's easier to do that this year with all or the cropped styles. I can wear a cropped blazer and a sweater tank underneath, or a cropped long sleeve sweater with an artsy t-shirt. My favorite is a cardigan, but those are hard to find this season because the blazer is so popular. Target and Forever21 are the best places to get layering pieces in my opinion.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006



As part of the Feminine Menswear collection, suspenders are supposed to be a cool look this season. For me, no thank you. That's over stepping it with masculinity in women's fashion. This style is supposed to be worn with a pair of satin trousers. I don't remember where that info came from, but that's just sounds uncomfortable.

Whatever you do with this trend, don't do this.

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Satin Feel

¿Que Pasa?

Satin is what's in! Trousers, shorts, shirts, dresses, even shoes are glowing in satin. It makes everyday pieces stand out and it's wonderful for day or evening wear. Please don't mess up this beautiful trend by going with the 'lingerie look'. It was disturbing in 2004 and the same for now.

Dress up a satin shirt with a trendy pinstripe skirt or trousers. You can also dress it down with jeans. Satin is a feel good fabric because it looks s
o elegant and luxurious. I gonna like this trend.

Product of the Week:

The product or the week is a classic for me because I started using it five years ago and I still use it numerous times throughout the year. Bath and Body Works Body Cream in Sweet Pea is perfectly floral and fruity at the same time and there are very few scents out there that can achieve that combination. Well, that's it for me today.
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Men's Pieces for Women

¡Hola Todos!

I guess the designers had enough of the girly florals and ruffles. A trend for the season is menswear cut to fit women. I like this trend. It's very 80's powerhouse, but way better looking and more fun to wear. Vests and pinstripes look nice on women casual or formal. Cameron Diaz dressed casual at the Rag & Bone fashion show in a menswear-inspired vest. Crisp white button down shirts, and pinstripes are part of this trend. It seems like office attire to me, but Beyonce and Cameron shows us how to tone it down. I like. Have a good day!
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Military Cropped Trousers


Are they serious? I've actually seen a few pairs of pants/leggings with these weird side flaps. You can really stand out this season with these pants that exaggerate your hips and thighs and make them look boxy or like you're carrying your books in your pockets. Fashion is taking it too far this season. Go more for Janet's look. There are some really strange styles out this season. Stay Tuned...
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Poet Shirt


A poet shirt is a very full sleeved shirt with maybe ruffles or lace. It is a very Renaissance look. I would definately put this in the 80's romance catagory. Real talk, these shirts are straight up ugly! This might be a good costume for a Midieval, Pirate or Shakespearean act. I really hope that they weren't serious with this one. How can you modernize this look? I have no more words.
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ankle Boots

And we're back! The problem is now solved and I will be posting on the regular! To the trends...

I love clothes and accessories that I can dress up or down.
Boots are the versatile necessary item for all wardrobes. Boots were crazy popular last year and for the fall season the ankle boot is the must have. I love boots, but I'm not crazy about ankle boots. The fashionable way to wear these boots this season are with shorts, cropped pants, or skinny jeans. And ya'll know how I feel about skinny jeans. My legs are short enough as is and the ankle boots does nothing to elongate them for me. I would definately cover them with long pants. That's just me.
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Not a good look Paris

Friday, September 08, 2006

Strappy And Leafy For Summer, Equestrian For Fall


Sorry for the hold up. I'm debating on buying a new computer or having someone fix the problem and I don't have the money for neither of the two.

Back to the trends.

This Equestrian Layer Necklace by Juicy Couture is part of the 'horse themed' layered jewelry trend for the fall. It's very stylish as a single necklace or all together. The fall jewelry trends are bold just like the clothes. It's all about dressing up this season without looking like a lot effort was put into it. The Equestrian Charm Bracelet is by Juicy Couture as well. I like.

The heat wave is over, summer is about to leave us, but it is still warm enough for swimming. Big swimsuit trends for the summer are leaf print and hoop details. Summer trends for the season were bright colors, and tropical themes. I liked how fashion matched the season, but i'm excited for the boldness of Fall.

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