Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beauty Foods

Another article from (click title for full article). I totally believe in acheiving beauty and optimal health from taking care of the inside. What I eat affects what pops up on my face, what jiggles where, my energy level, and other things that I don't want to deal with.

Here are nine beauty foods


-Stimulates collagen production to maintain supple skin
-Protects against sun damage


-Associated with shiny hair, vibrant eyes, and strong bones

Green Tea

-Stave off aging
-Detoxifys skin
-Increase effectivenss of sunscreen
-Weight loss aid
-Disease fighter
-Used as a topical agent, calms acne


-Aids in digestion, which effects the outlook of your skin

Low Fat Milk

-Good for strong bones, good posture, healthy nails, and a beautiful smile
-Provides protein, which is great for skin, hair, and nails


-Contains sun-damage-preventing components
-Keeps eyes healthy and sparkling

Dark Chocolate

-Contains lots of antioxidants that are good for the skin
-Provides soft, hydrated skin and desensitivity to harmful effects of the sun


-Has sulfur compounds which have disease fighting effects
-Prevention of cellulite


-Youth and sun damage protecting

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Internship at

My internship at has been great so far! I've pretty much learned how to manage the site. I upload the images, make product copy for them, which is describing the garment or the product. I also make the suggestions for the products too. I've been shipping the orders, pulling products for the photoshoots, and even running to get coffee. I feel like a real intern! It sounds corny, but I love being the assistant type. I'm really enjoying my time there and I even got a $150 gift card last week! I bought this bag!

Check out the site!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Tame Unruly Curls

I was reading this article on and I thought I'd share it because these are the methods that I use for defined frizz-free curls (click on the title for full article). I should also let you know that I stopped using chemical relaxers a year ago (exactly in June 2008) and I am currently transitioning. I am in the process of a long term transition, which means I will slowly chop off the relaxed ends of my hair until I only have my complete natural texture. I did my first "big trim" two days ago after a year of transitioning. So far, I am loving the process.

Here are some tips from the article...

-First, love your curls
-If you shampoo, use sulfate-free shapoos- I stopped using shampoos a year ago and it has done wonders for the health of my hair. I only wash with conditioner which has cleansing ingredients in them as well.
-Condition, Condition, Condition- After rinsing conditioner, I always add more for detangling and leave-in purposes for extra hydration. This leave-in method is the secret for fighting frizz. This will not work for all types of hair.
-Do not towel dry. Blot with a t shirt or paper towels. This is a part of preventing frizzy hair.
-After applying products and styling, leave hair alone until it dries- More fighting against frizz
-Sleep on a satin pillowcase
-Scrunch the curls for definition and volume- this does not work for me and creates frizz
-Find the right product for your curl texture and don't use too much, but also don't use too little-Air dry as often as possible
-If you must use heat, use a diffuser
-Get a good hair cut and interview your stylist about their knowledge of curls- I completely don't trust a stylist. No one knows how to manage my hair like me!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Been Too Long

Hey Everyone!

I know its been waaaay too long and no one probably reads this blog anymore, but I graduate in December and I have time to contribute to the blog again. I was really proud of the work that I've done on StyleCrazy with no knowledge of how fashion trends work and just being really raw. I have learned a lot in this year and a half that its been and I feel that I have soooo much to share, but the posts wont be limited to just trends and product reviews. I love to read, sew, cook, photography, beauty, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I've also been involved in some really interesting projects. Right now, I'm interning at Check it out!

Look out for me and new posts soon!